Parsons Lodge

The Room

Parsons Lodge has two screens available for use: a large projection screen above the fireplace on the West side and a TV on the East side. (Note: the third screen on the North wall is not supported for use) Both screens offer HDMI and Apple TV connections. The TV screen also offers AirTame for displaying slideshows during special events. There is an iPad which can be used with Spotify to play music in the Lodge.

Using the Projection Screen

  1. The projection screen may NOT be used while the fireplace is in use.
  2. The projection screen is located above the fireplace. It is not automatic and must be lowered using the extendable boat hook that is usually stored to the right of the fireplace. Sometimes the boat hook is stored in the NorthEast closet, however.
  3. Pull the screen all the way down and then release it.
  4. The alcove on the East side of the room where the TV is located contains a little white control panel (pictured here). This control panel is for the projector and not the TV.
  5. Using the panel press "On" to turn the projector on. Initially it will flash red until it is on and ready (then it will change to a solid white).
    1. Select HDMI from the upper control panel to connect directly from a laptop using an HDMI cable plugged into the lower control panel where it says HDMI IN. A spare HDMI cable can be found in the equipment closet.
    2. Select Apple TV from the upper control panel, use the Apple TV remote labeled "Lodge Projector" to wake up and turn on the Apple TV. You can select an app (ie. YouTube TV) from there, or screen share your Apple laptop by selecting "Lodge Projector" from the Airplay menu and when prompted, enter the 4 digit code that is displayed.
  6. Mute button on the display will mute all sound from the devices. If you are having trouble with sound, please check the output settings on your laptop (System Preferences>Sound>Output) and make sure it is set to either Lodge Projector or Extron HDMI.

Using the TV Screen

  1. The TV screen is located East side wall.
  2. Turn on the TV with the remote, or with the power button on the lower right side of the TV)
  3. Use the input button on the remote or on the right side of the TV to select the correct input for your needs
    1. Input 4 - [HDMI] - connect directly with a laptop to the TV - HDMI cable is plugged in on the right hand side and should be tucked in the back of the TV.
    2. Input 5 - [HD] - Airtame - will play a generic Pomfret images slideshow. For a custom slideshow, please share a Google Slide presentation with the members of the IT department and request that it be played for a particular event. Please limit presentation to 20 slides/images.
    3. Input 6 - [DTV] - Apple TV - use the Apple TV remote labeled "Lodge TV" to wake up and turn on the Apple TV. You can select and app (ie. YouTube TV) using the Apple remote, or screen share your Apple laptop by selecting "Lodge TV" from the Airplay menu and enter the 4 digit code displayed on the screen if prompted to do so on your laptop.

Using the iPad/Spotify

  1. The iPad is mounted to the wall on the left in the equipment closet.
  2. Don't worry if prompted to enter a password for an Apple ID.
  3. Open the Spotify app and select a playlist/mood/artist/etc. that you want to listen to.
  4. Change the volume by swiping down from the top of the screen - it will bring up the volume slider bar (and also show the album cover).

Using the wireless mics

  1. Power on the receiver(s) in the rack - labeled Mic1 (handheld) and Mic2 (lapel/lavalier)
  2. The mics should be stored in a pouch on a shelf on the right side of the equipment room.
  3. Turn on the desired microphone (either handheld or lapel).