Parsons Lodge

The Room

Parsons Lodge has two screens available for use: a large projection screen above the fireplace on the West side and a TV on the East side. (Note: the third screen on the North wall is not supported for use) Both screens offer HDMI and Apple TV connections. The TV screen also offers AirTame for displaying slideshows during special events.

Using the Projection Screen

  1. The projection screen may NOT be used while the fireplace is in use.
  2. The projection screen is located above the fireplace. It is not automatic and must be lowered using the extendable boat hook that is usually stored to the right of the fireplace. Sometimes the boat hook is stored in the NorthEast closet, however.
  3. Pull the screen all the way down and then release it.
  4. The alcove on the East side of the room where the TV is located contains a little white control panel (pictured here). This control panel is for the projector and not the TV.