In a Nutshell

Pomfret School utilizes a "cloud" printing system. Rather than sending a print job directly to an individual printer, each job goes to a remote server and you can then access your document from any enabled printer on campus using your Pomfret ID card to login. There are several reasons why we have this system:

  • To reduce paper waste (if you accidentally print something you don't need or print it more than once, you can still delete the accidental print job at the printer instead of wasting paper)
  • To increase security (print jobs no longer sit on the printer waiting for you to retrieve them)
  • To get better reporting on usage by user, department or device
  • To better serve the needs of the Pomfret School community

There are two "cloud" printers available to you. They are:

  • CloudPrint-Color
  • CloudPrint-BW (black & white)

While your document will print at any of the stations listed in the next section, you should be aware that only certain machines are capable of color printing; if your color print job does not appear on the screen when you log into the Xerox, the most likely reason is that machine can only print in black and white.

Printer Locations and Features

Printer Features

Printing Costs

To promote an understanding of the costs of paper printing, you will see a value associated with each print job. YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED ACTUAL MONEY FOR PRINTING AT THIS TIME.

The current per-page cost is as follows:

  • Single Sided - BW $0.014 / Color $0.064
  • Double Sided - BW $0.01 / Color $0.06

Employees do not have a quota, but will be able to track the cost of their printing using these figures.

Students start each month with $5.00 of printing funds. This will allow for about 350 single-sided, black and white prints per month. This is not transferable to cash and is for printing services only. If a student runs out of credit for printing, they may request more. Larger requests for credit will be charged to a student's Pomfret Card while small requests may be complimentary.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I have to pay to print? No. Currently, neither Employees nor Students will be charged to print documents on campus.
  • How much can I print? Employees have no limit, while students can freely print $5 worth of documents per month (this is approximately 500 black and white pages and less than any student has printed this school year).
  • What if I get a message that I'm out of printing credit? The student should contact IT to increase their printing limit/quota; IT will increase the limit for free (within reason). Special requests for large and excessive cost printing may be charged to a student's Pomfret account.
  • I'm an employee. Are you taking away my individual printer? IT will begin to decommission many of the printers on campus starting the last week of January. With few exceptions, all offices will keep one non-Xerox printer for special projects and media, such as card stock, labels, envelopes etc. This will enhance security of your printing, provide access to better equipped machines, and reduce printing support costs for the school.
  • How do I retrieve my print job at the printer? Take a look at the Mac video above. The retrieval instructions in the video apply for Macs, Windows, and another other device.