Internet Access

How to Access the Internet

Pomfret provides two Wifi networks with different types of access:

  • Guest - open access between the hours of 06:00 and 20:00. Connections are limited to websites only.
    1. Select "Pomfret Guests" from the Wifi locations
    2. Accept the terms to enable Wifi access
  • Pomfret School - secured network with access hours based on grade level
    1. To authorize your device, connect to the network called "Pomfret School".
    2. Log in with your Pomfret username/password (without the or appendage)
    3. Click the blue "Join" button
    4. You will be asked to verify the certificate, please select "Show Certificate"
    5. Verify that is part of the certificate name
    6. Click the blue "Continue" button
    7. You will be asked for your computer user name and password to save the certificate.
    8. Report any error messages to or at 860-963-5607

Below are a few screenshots showing Steps 1 and 3

Below are a few screenshots showing steps 4 and 5