Loaner Computers

Pomfret Technology can offer the user of an Apple Macbook loaner computer in the event that a student’s computer needs to be repaired or replaced. The following are the conditions under which a loaner computer is extended to a student:

  • The loaner must be returned as soon as possible and no later than 2 weeks from the date of check-out.

  • The student’s personal computer must be repaired or replaced during this time.

Failure to return the computer by the expected date will result in the replacement cost being charged to the student’s Pomfret Card Account.

  • The loaner must be returned in the same condition that it was received (no broken screens, missing keys, liquid damage, etc.).

The student is liable for the replacement cost should the loaner computer be damaged due to negligence.

  • The computer is the property of Pomfret School and is managed by the Pomfret School IT Staff. All information on this computer is accessible to Pomfret School. No assumption of personal privacy should be made.