How to Print

How to Add the Printers

Release a Print Job

Mac AirPrint (laptop)

The following instructions will allow you to print most common documents on a Mac (B &W, color, single or double-sided).

To connect to the printer:

  • Go to Apple Menu / System Preferences / Printers & Scanners

  • Click the + (add) button on the left hand side (below the installed printers)

  • Select cloudprint-bw from the list

  • Click Add

  • Repeat the process and select cloudprint-color from the list

The first time you print:

  • A dialog box will pop-up asking for a username and password. Use the first part of your email address (ie. slastname.24)

    • If this is entered incorrectly, your computer will show your print queue with the error "Holding for Authentication"

  • There is a "remember" checkbox on the pop-up. If you do not click this, then you will need to enter your login every time you print.

iOS Devices

When printing from an iPad or iPhone click the share button for the app you're using - then select the printer icon. Select either cloudprint-bw or cloudprint-color. The first time you print from a device to one of the printers, you will be prompted for a username and password. Please enter your Sundial username (in other words, the first part of your email address without the at the end).

Android / Chrome OS / Google Apps Users

To add the printer to your Google Apps account or print from a ChromeOS device, click the link for the printer below, confirm you are logged into your Pomfret email and then press the blue Add Printer button to confirm.

Windows (Staff)

Employees with Windows PCs should see CloudPrint-BW and CloudPrint-Color "cloud" printers automatically. If you do not, they can be added with the following directions:

  • Open the Start Menu

  • Type \\print\ into the search box and hit enter

    • A window should open with a list of printers

    • If your web browser opens, try typing \\print\ with the slashes leaning in the other direction

  • Double click on CloudPrint-Color and CloudPrint-BW

Advanced Features on a Mac (Staff)

To use advanced features such as stapling and hole punch use the CloudPrint-BW-LPD and CloudPrint-Color-LPD printers which should already be available on your laptop. When printing; change the dropdown under the program's default selection (different depending on which program/application you are using) and select Xerox Features or Printer Features.