What is Canvas:

Canvas is Pomfret's learning management system (LMS). Within a Canvas course page, teachers will post all relevant course content (assignments, discussions, announcements, quizzes, syllabus, etc.) as well as enhanced tools and features for communication, collaboration, and assessment. Teachers will utilize the Canvas grade book for both traditional grades and the learning mastery grade book. Canvas allows integrations with many software packages for example Google, Canva for Education, and Ed Puzzle. Canvas is used extensively in both K-12 schools and in higher education. 

Students will access Canvas to obtain all course content. This includes finding course resources, assignments, and grades. In may courses students will submit assignments directly into Canvas. 

How To Log in:

Students and teachers should add a bookmark to This link can also be found on the Pomfret website under "Find It Fast" and through the Google "waffle" when you are logged into Google.

You will access Canvas via a Google login. The username and password are your Pomfret credentials.

Getting Help:

The Pomfret Technology office provides support for students and teachers. Students will receive training in their courses at the start of the school year.

There are many useful resources to answer most of your questions online. 

Students can access the Canvas Student Guide for quick and easy training and answers.

Teachers can access the Teacher Guide.