You may choose to receive voicemail messages via email, phone, or both; it will start as email-only and IT will change this on your request.

While your incoming messages will be delivered to your email, you will need to log into the voicemail system if you wish to set a greeting to play when someone reaches your voicemailbox.

Connecting to the voicemail system:

  • From any phone on campus -> Dial 2000 OR hit the Voicemail button (if your phone has one)
  • From off campus -> Dial (860) 963-5790

Logging into the voicemail system:

  • From any telephone, enter your extension plus pound (ex. 1440#) then your password/pin plus pound (ex. 6543#) at the prompts.
    • You can save time if using your deskphone by pressing pound when prompted for your extension.
    • The default password is 1212

Most commonly used options from the main menu:

Listen to voicemail messages (option 2)

How to change your greeting (option 3):

0. Listen to particular greeting – Select (1-9).

1. Add/change a greeting – Select which one to change (1-9).

2. Choose which message (0-9) is active. If you know what the number of the greeting (1-9) you want, hit option 3 and then the greeting number.

Hidden menu (option 5):

4. Change PIN/password.

Quick Reference Guides

Avaya 9611g

These are the latest model installed on campus and you can identify them by the photo to the right.

Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Please be aware that the instructions regarding voicemail in the Quick Start Guide will not apply to our voicemail system.

Avaya 4601/4602/4621SW

The 4621 model and its smaller siblings, most easily identified by the grey color are being phased out across campus for the newer 9611g model shown above.

4602 Quick Start Guide (PDF) - (This unit has a two-line LCD screen, not pictured)

4621 Quick Start Guide (PDF) - (This unit is pictured to the right)

Please note that many of the "Default Short Codes" shown in the quick start guide are not configured on our telephone system and the "Programmable Buttons" section does not apply.

Analog Telephones

While many offices are outfitted with telephones based on current technology, the school still has many locations with standard telephones. These units can connect to voicemail, but do not offer easy access to call features such as forwarding/transfers/conferencing. If you find yourself in need of these features and your workspace does not have a newer-model telephone, please contact IT.