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How to Use Zoom Phone - User Training

Zoom Phone is the cloud phone solution, natively built for the Zoom platform

This training will cover:

  • Setting up your personal Business Hours to receive calls

  • Uploading custom voicemail greetings

  • Navigating the Zoom phone interface

▪ How to sign in - 0:25▪ Congfigure Zoom Phone - 0:47▪ Using Zoom Phone - Desktop Application - 6:10 ▪ Zoom Mobile App - 12:32▪ Zoom Resources & Support - 13:39

Zoom Phone App Overview

The Zoom Phone quick start guide assists end users with setting up your Zoom Phone account and using essential features like making calls and checking voicemail.

Voice Mail Greetings

Zoom Desk Phones

Some offices will have physical phones to use with Zoom.

Quick start guide for Poly VXX phones